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Nanny Employment Contracts

It is important that Nannies are flexible and that both employers and nannies should ensure that a written contract is agreed before starting a new job. If you would like advice or any information regarding nanny contracts, please click here to contact us.

Our advice is that any contract should include the following:

You are required to look after our child/ren NAME & NAME and to perform the usual nursery duties and to help with the smooth running of the household.

Your duties are:

To develop a good relationship with NAME and NAME and to ensure their safety and wellbeing at all times
To engage them in lively and fun activities appropriate to their age, sometimes including their friends;to include instructive and developmental play and allow space and time for them to play on their own
Never to leave them unattended when they are in your charge (e.g. in shop, playground, bath)
To prepare their food and ensure they have a healthy and well-balanced diet
To clean and tidy their rooms and play/living areas
To wash and iron their clothes and bedding
To leave kitchen clean and tidy after use
To ensure safety and cleanliness of toys and baby equipment
To keep the affairs and concerns of the employer's household and business strictly confidential

The employee will work from AM to PM Mon-Fri
4 weeks paid holiday plus bank holidays
4 or 6 weeks notice of termination
5 days sick pay min

Disciplinary procedure

First Oral Warning
Second Written Warning
Third Dismissal

Reasons which might give rise to instant dismissal, include; theft, illegal drug taking, child abuse, violent or threatening behaviour, be it verbal or physical.

Our undertaking

We undertake to be reasonable and fair, pay you promptly and regularly, listen to you and your views/problems/feelings about the job, respect you and generally appreciate you for the job you do and do all we can to make it as pleasant and enjoyable e as possible.


No smoking at any time in the presence of the children or in the employer's house
Do not give medicine without first checking with employer
Never smack or hit the children under any circumstances; discipline to be discussed on and ongoing basis with the parents, with the object of creating a balance between enforcing good behaviour and allowing the children a sense of freedom

Agreement made between:

hereinafter referred to as the Employer
and: _______________________________________________
hereinafter referred to as the Employee

Employee's next of kin: _________________________________

Address 1: ___________________________________________

Address 1: ___________________________________________

Address 3: ___________________________________________

Postcode: __________________

Tel Number: __________________________________________

It is hereby as follows:
1 The Employer agrees to employ the Employee for a minimum of one year at a salary of
£ ______________________ net per week.

The Employee's duties shall be as follows:





  The Employee shall be given a minimum of __________ full days off per week 
  Hours of work shall be _________________________
  Babysitting is on request, and is to be paid as an extra. Prior warning of days is to be given.
  If the Employee is sick she shall be paid in full for days per annum.
  The Employee will be given ___________ paid holiday per annum.
  Both parties must give a minimum of __________ weeks' notice.

Details of the household:

Ages of the children: Sons: __________________________

Ages of the children: Daughters: ______________________

I have received this contract and agree to the terms stated above:
Employer's signature:   Date:  
Employee's signature:   Date:  

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