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Employment and Jobs for Nannies

Nannies taking a permanent post start with a one-year contract, which is between the employer and the nanny.

Nanny Duties

Nannies will work a 5-day week with weekends free. If you require the nanny to work at the weekend, she should be given 1½ - 2 full days free during the week and one weekend per month. Daily nannies do not tend to work over the weekend.

A normal working day would be a maximum of twelve hours for live-in nannies and ten hours for daily nannies. Live-in nannies will baby sit 2 nights per week as part of their contract. If extra baby-sitting is required, employers usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu.

Baby-sitting for daily nannies is by negotiation and with plenty of notice.

All nannies are entitled to four weeks paid holiday plus bank holidays The employer must be given one month's notice of any holiday to be taken. It is not unusual for the employer to have the option on a maximum of two weeks.

For overseas nannies the employer is responsible for the nanny's return flight, taxes and medical insurance.

Most employers are able to interview prospective nannies in person before offering employment. However, in circumstances where an interview is not possible, the employer can interview the nanny over the telephone.

For overseas posts, nannies are willing to fly to the family and spend time with the children, which will give them an insight to the post.

Most of our nannies are available immediately, although some are currently in positions where they would be required to give notice.


Imperial Nannies is part of Imperial Recruitment the largest domestic recruitment agency supplying staff for all domestic situations throughout the UK and abroad.

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