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About Us

The Imperial Ethos

About Imperial Nannies

Imperial Nannies work from our offices in central London and Bath, we are a hard working team who take pride in listening to both Clients and Candidates to ensure a good match.

We don’t ever play a numbers game.  If we have just two nannies who are right for a position, the Client will receive two CV’s.  Likewise for the Candidates, we will always give them as much detail as possible in order for them to make an informed choice as to whether they wish to apply for a position.

We are constantly taking calls from past and new clients and candidates alike, sourcing and updating our large database of high calibre, qualified and experienced Nannies and Governesses who are looking to commit to “the right position”.

Our Imperials (candidates) come back to us time and time again as they know they can trust us with their career.

Some are very well known to us having been registered from our early days in the ‘90’s and

we know just the type of positions they will seek.

A Word from our Founder

Sarajane Ambrose, Nanny Agency London

As a mother of 4 and having founded Imperial Nannies in 1996, I understand the value of reliable child care. Due to the expert support that my Nannies have provided me and my family over the years, I have been able to work, socialise and enjoy family time comfortably. 

With my own children’s Nannies, I benefited from not only their education but also their years’ worth of experience working with their previous charges. They helped alleviate fears I had during the children’s first illnesses, helped me to know what to pack and how to keep my children entertained when travelling and gave me practical everyday tips that made our lives easier. 

My Nannies picked up the slack where I couldn’t, by making sure PE bags were ready by the door, or baking for the school fair, and most importantly making sure I felt completely comfortable when my children were left solely in their care.  

It is this experience that I am determined to keep at the heart of Imperial, and I truly believe that by putting in the time to make sure both Candidate and Clients are well-matched from the start, we can help create the necessary structure and flow where everybody at home thrives.  

Whether you are looking for your first time Nanny or have been through the process before, we can advise you at every step of the way, providing you with an exemplary service start to finish. 

With a wealth of knowledge in this industry, you can rely on us!

Our Team