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Our Nannies & Mannies are experienced and qualified to care for a broad range of ages, from young babies aged 3 months+ to older children in their teens.

Providing the very best care for your children in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your home

Mannies Agency London

Our Nannies & Mannies take responsibility for all nursery duties, these duties pertain to the care of the children, their nursery, their play areas as well as planning and preparing nutritious food if required.

They will manage their charges’ daily routine and needs, organise educational play to encourage development while creating a professional bond and trusting relationship with the family.

For school-age children, our Nannies can supervise and assist with homework, reading, spelling, math and English and the usual school deadlines. They are not, however, expected to be adept at French, Latin, Algebra and the Sciences!

For clients who wish to recruit a Governess who is qualified to teach their children the curriculum and support their school work, please see our Governess page for full details.

Expecting or have a newborn?

Alternatively, if your baby is younger than 3 months old then our sister agency, Maternally Yours, will be able to provide expert Maternity Nurses.

Please give Maternally Yours a call on +44 (0)20 7795 6299 to discuss your requirements.

Your Nannies or Mannies Duties

Supervise and care for their charges at all times

Look after the children’s needs, welfare, development and health and safety

Provide basic first-aid, as required.

Nannies Mannies Agency London

  • Keep the children active by devising creative and educational play
  • Teach independence such as dressing oneself, tidying toys, tying laces, telling the time, etc.
  • Encourage development in skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, drawing and singing/music
  • Socialise the children by arranging playdates and social activities
  • Organise the childrens’ birthday parties including sending invitations, booking party venue, baking/ordering the cake
  • Help design cards and create homemade gifts for family birthdays
  • Reinforce good manners and etiquette
  • Organise safe and fun outdoor activities and games such as football, tennis, swimming
  • Organise age-appropriate museum and theatre trips

Nannies Mannies Agency London

  • Plan and prepare nutritious food taking into account likes/dislikes, allergies and the families’ cultural diet/any cultural restrictions.
  • Order the children’s food online or go food shopping
  • Plan and shop for age-appropriate baking activities
  • Take the children to and from nursery/school
  • Order school uniform ensuring they are fully kitted out and in the right size! Sew/iron-on name tags!
  • Ensure children are ready for the next day with uniform/clothing laid out
  • Have school bags ready with homework and any completed forms and any sports kit by the door
  • Supervise homework to include reading and spelling tests
  • Keep abreast of all school emails and notifications
  • Follow your current timetable or develop a practical timetable for all the daily activities
  • Use a Nanny diary to record the children’s daily lives to include sending parents regular photos if desired
  • Keep parents informed of their children’s developments and milestones
  • Babysit according to the parents’ requirements
  • Recommend age-appropriate educational toys and games to parents
  • Work alongside the parents and their wishes regarding the subject of childrens’ discipline and household rules
  • Not post anything online about your family or put any images of your children on any media platform

Nanny Agency London, washing duties

  • Take responsibility for the childrens’ bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom and play areas
  • Launder the children’s clothing, bed, bath and table linen
  • Put dry laundry away neatly and in good order
  • Tidy up after herself and the children in the kitchen

Nanny Agency London

  • Accompany the family on their holiday or take the children to the family’s second home
  • Keep the childrens’ clothing neat in their wardrobe/chest of drawers and maintain good repair
  • Ensure sports kits are always ready and clean including muddy football boots/footwear
  • Order and label any weekend clothing and footwear or take the children clothes/shoe shopping
  • In case of any loss or outgrowing of clothing, order/buy further pieces
  • Shop and pack for any residential school trips labelling non-uniform items
  • Order or buy the childrens’ toiletries
  • Book and take the children to dentist/doctor/hairdressing appointments
  • Collect and drop off parcels/mail to/from the post office
  • Drop off and collect the dry cleaning
  • Fill car with fuel as required to ensure tank is full for the weekend
  • Pick up items to supplement the weekly shop as required when items run out
  • Coordinate tradespeople (by pre-arranging appointments, providing access and being present as necessary during works)

Nanny or Manny Considerations

To help you select the perfect nanny or manny for your family we have a few considerations for you to discuss.

Nannies who live-in are placed on a full-time basis which could entail a schedule of 50-60 hours per week. Live-out Nannies can work on a full or part-time basis, full time being 8 – 10 hours per day, Monday – Friday and part-time being a minimum of 10 hours per day, 3 days per week.

Do discuss your requirements with your consultant and she will guide you in the right direction and confirm market rates of pay for the calibre of Nanny you wish to employ.

Please note that whether the Nanny works on a full or part-time basis, you will have to provide a Contract of Employment and meet all the necessary legal obligations as stated earlier.

For our UK clients, the choice depends entirely on personal preference, your lifestyle and your household. Having to provide a live-in Nanny with accommodation and having the space to do so often dictates the decision.

It should be noted that overseas positions are generally live-in or the client will provide the employee with suitable accommodation outside the family home, at no cost to the employee.

Live In Nannies

The Imperial will generally work Monday to Friday up to 10-12 hours per day subject to the family’s requirements and their work/social commitments. She will expect to babysit up to 2 nights per week Monday to Thursday as part of her package which offers the family/parents flexibility. It should be noted that when ‘off duty’ she is not available to work even if she is in the house. She will be happy to travel with her family, although this should not be for extensive periods of time unless agreed at the interview stage.

Her accommodation should be a furnished bedroom with either an en-suite bathroom or separate bath/shower room on the same floor. Some families are able to offer self-contained accommodation which will always catch the eye of older and more experienced candidates as this privacy will make the position more desirable.

Live Out Nannies

The Imperial ‘live out Nanny’ will look at jobs local to her area or in areas within easy travel for her to reach on a daily basis. Some of our live-out Nannies even cycle to work! They will expect to work Monday to Friday for up to 10-11 hours per day and babysit ‘by arrangement’ which will be paid extra. Live-out Nannies are less enthusiastic about travelling with their families and certainly not for long periods of time. The rate of pay for a live-out Nanny will be higher to reflect the fact that she has to provide her own accommodation.

Parents who run a business or work outside the home will require a sole charge Nanny who can take full charge of the children. Our Nannies thrive on such a responsibility and enjoy planning their days with their charges. If you are registering a sole charge position, we would present only those Nannies who have the experience and references to verify previous sole charge responsibilities, for your peace of mind.

A mother who is at home or working from home may be classed as offering a shared charge position where there will be some time working alongside the Nanny.

Some clients require sole and shared care as one or both parents work part-time or are at home for some of the time.

At the interview stage it’s important to establish that all parties share the same ideas, values and setting of limits to ensure that all adults are working well together regardless of whether the position is sole or shared care, in order to create a happy and secure environment for your children.

Your Guide to Nanny Qualifications

All Imperials must have at least 3 years private household experience if working in the UK, and five years private household experience if applying for Overseas positions. They must also hold an up-to-date Paediatric First Aid certificate, an up-to-date DBS (police check) and certificates to support any qualifications they hold and glowing references.

Qualifications may include any of the following:

  • CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education
  • CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Practice
  • NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Work with Children APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning)
  • NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Certificate
  • SVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education (Scotland)
  • LCCIEB NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education
  • Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Early Years Care and Education
  • The Chiltern College Certificate
  • The Norland Diploma
  • The Princess Christian College

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