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The demand to Hire a Live In Nanny has always been high, as our clients find this option, the most flexible for their needs.

We always have a fantastic selection of Live In Nannies who prefer to live with a family and not travel to the family home.

Generally a Live-In Nanny, will work Monday to Friday and between 10-12 hours per day.

In addition, they can babysit for up to two nights per week which is generally a weekday night and included in their rate of net pay.

For very busy families, we have seen requests for the Live in Nanny to be on duty 24/5 which gives clients peace of mind that they have full-on childcare. A Weekend Nanny can take over to ensure 7 days are completely covered. This all depends on the family’s requirements and their work/social commitments.

It should be noted that when a nanny is ‘off duty’ she is not available to work even if she is in the house. A Live In Nanny will of course travel with her family, although this should not be for extensive periods of time unless this is discussed and agreed at the interview stage.

Accommodation for Nannies varies. A Nanny’s accommodation should be a furnished bedroom with either an en-suite bathroom or separate bath/shower room on the same floor.

Some families are able to offer self-contained accommodation which will always catch the eye of older and more experienced candidates. The most desirable is accommodation with a separate entrance as this provides much valued privacy and breathing space for both parties when the nanny is off-duty.

We have seen the various types of accommodation clients have offered over the many years of placing our nannies. Our consultants can advise clients that the more private and contained the area, the wider the selection of interested candidates.

Our Nannies will give 100% during their working week and will prefer to switch off during their free time and recharge ready for their next working day.

Live In Nanny cost

What is the Live In Nanny cost? Do be mindful that when a Nanny Lives In, she is not expected to pay or contribute towards any utility bills. An Imperial Nanny will eat with the children when she is on duty which she will have prepared and cooked and probably shopped for. On her days off when she is out, she will make her own arrangements. She will be keen to keep out of the kitchen on her time off, especially if the family are in residence out of respect to give them private family time.

Some Live in Nannies, if working Monday to Friday only, will go home for the weekend and return on Sunday evening or early Monday morning to start another busy week.

Conversely, some Nannies who are very settled and in tune with the family, become part of the family. And when emerging from her bedroom or en-suite to use the laundry room or kitchen, this will not be seen as intrusive as there is a happy household dynamic which both parties enjoy knowing the professional boundaries.

Live In Nanny Rates of Pay

How much does a Live In Nanny cost?

London – £650pwn – £750pwn

Country – £600pwn – £650pwn


Live in Nanny Housekeeper

A Live in Nanny Housekeeper supports you with your children and will oversee the smooth running and upkeep of the household to ensure everything is in working order. Our sister agency, Staff of Distinction always has a selection of Nanny Housekeepers for either an asap start, or one to start a few weeks time. Our specialists would be delighted to assist you with your search. Please call +44 (0) 20 7795 6255 or email [email protected] 

Part-time Live in Nanny

Our Live in Nannies will work on a full-time basis which is a minimum of 5 days per week and a 10-12 hour day.

Shall we choose a Live in Nanny or a Live out Nanny?

The choice depends entirely on personal preference, your lifestyle and your household.

Having to provide a Live in Nanny with accommodation and having the space to do so often dictates the decision.

Some clients can be unsure when starting their search with Imperial so we can look at both Live in and Live out and see which way the client sways.

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