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When considering to Hire a Weekend Nanny, there are lots of  benefits. With many of our clients leading frantically busy lives Monday to Friday, the weekends should provide breathing space to spend quality time with their children. That said, the weekends can become equally frantic with all that piles up to be done and addressed over the course of the weekend!

From driving the children to various activities, accompanying the children to their class mates’ parties, visiting relatives, going to the park or to a museum or to an exhibition, there is a lot of quality time to pack in!

At the end of the weekend, every parent feels most fulfilled when they have spent quality time with their children ready to start yet another demanding week.

But how do busy parents manage to .accomplish all of this?

If a Weekend Nanny is needed, what better than to have a Weekend Nanny Agency who can assist with a this. Her extra help from the start until the end of the weekend, will enable you to manage all that you want to address and enjoy over the weekend.

What is a Weekend Nanny?

A weekend nanny is a nanny who does as it says, she will work the entire weekend either on a sole or shared charge basis.

How much does a Weekend Nanny cost?

The rate of pay for a Nanny during the weekend is as follows:

London: £600pwn – £650pwn

Country: £550pwn – £600pwn

If you have any questions, please call +44 (0) 20 7795 6255 or email: [email protected] 

What will a Weekend Nanny do?

All families are unique with their own requirements and a weekend nanny will work around your specifics.

She will undertake Nursery Duties which are all duties pertaining to the children. She will take sole or shared charge of the children depending on your requirements and generally be a constant extra pair of hands. She will care for their bedrooms and playroom, clean the kitchen after all food prep and cooking and assist you generally.

Above all she will be there to make your weekend run more smoothly knowing that you can go out either alone or with one child knowing you have your weekend nanny at home looking after a sibling or at home getting their supper ready.

As they won’t be at school, she will be solely working around the family timetable and the parents’ specific needs.

The weekends could also be a time to catch up with haircuts, shopping for clothing or shoes or generally taking the children or a child for open to one Afternoon Tea.

What hours does a Weekend Nanny work?

This all depends on the family, their requirements and timetable. The weekend nanny will move in at the start of her weekend session and leave at the very end. She will have her own bedroom and her own bathroom or she will share with the children.

She can arrive from 6pm on Friday or earlier ready to take over caring for the children or assisting depending on the size of the family. By having a nanny for the evening this allows the parents the freedom to go out knowing the children are being cared for by their weekend nanny.

Alternatively, the parents can take the older children out to the theatre or supper while the nanny babysits the younger sibling(s) giving the parents freedom.

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