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Nanny Agency LondonWhat is a Rota Nanny?  Once the preserve of UHNW families, we are find if you hire a Rota Nanny, this type of working schedule more and more in demand by busy families to suit their lifestyle.

By employing a Rota Nanny, parents with demanding schedules are reassured that by having consistent, round the clock support and care for their children, they have all bases covered allowing them to focus on their empires and commitments.

The Rota Nanny Schedule

The Rota Schedule will depend solely on the family and their preferences. There will be a minimum of 2 Nannies employed so that when one Nanny is ‘on duty’, the other Nanny is ‘off Duty’. They will work in tandem ensuring a Nanny is always ‘on duty’ whether it’s Rota Nanny 1 or Rota Nanny 2.

While there is no set Rota Schedule, it is for our clients to request the Rota according to their needs and lifestyle.

A Rota Nanny can work 24/7, 24/14 or indeed 24/21. We find the most popular Rota Schedule is the 24hr/14 days’ Rota.

During the Rota Nanny’s ‘time off’, she will return to her family home to rest and return to star her 2 week Rota when the other Rota Nanny takes her ‘time off’.

Rota Nanny London

We are best placed when it comes to finding a Rota Nanny in all areas of London according to our clients’ requirements. Our Rota Nannies are very flexible with their schedule and being on duty for 24/7 or 24/14 they could be based in London but will travel according to the family’s lifestyle.

International Rota Nannies

All our International Rota Nannies are fully realistic regarding the commitment of working solidly according to the Rota. The benefit is that they will be released from their duties for a full one or two weeks which ensures they will return to their working rota week(s) fully refreshed and raring to go!

International Rota Nannies will travel extensively with their families providing full-on support and care.

How much does a Rota Nanny cost?

Salaries vary according to the number of children, duties, etc a. The rate is paid for both the working and non-working week.

Rates of Pay

Rota Nanny:

Country – £60+Kgpa
London – £65k-£85kgpa

International Rota Nanny – £80k – £150kgpa

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