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Hire a Live Out Nanny is exactly as it states and is a Nanny lives out independently to her employer’s home and will travel there daily to perform her duties. She will only stay in the family home overnight if the parents’ have overnight commitments and this will be by arrangement only.

The Imperial Live Out Nanny Agency will look at Nanny Jobs local to her area or in areas within easy reach ensuring her travel to and from work is sustainable. When discussing available jobs with their consultant, our Live Out Nannies will advise their preferred areas and radius which we will always adhere to when discussing our Live Out Nanny jobs.

Some Live Out Nannies will prefer to drive to work and this is possible if the client can offer parking or if the nanny lives in the same Residents Parking Zone. Others will take public transport while some of our Live out Nannies will even cycle to work!

Live Out Nanny Salary

How much does a Live Out Nanny cost?  The rate of pay for a Live Out Nanny will be higher than that of a Live in Nanny as accommodation is not provided for her as part of the job.

London:  £16phn – £18phn

Country: £15phn – £17phn

What hours do Live Out Nannies work?

They will expect to work Monday to Friday for up to 10-11 hours per day, which doesn’t include their travel time, and babysit ‘by arrangement’ which will be paid extra. Live Out Nannies are less enthusiastic about travelling with their families and certainly not for long periods of time. That said, we would recommend that our clients discuss this with the Live Out Nanny at the interview stage when ascertaining their suitability for the role and their requirements.

When clients register their Live Out Nanny jobs with Imperial, the consultant will always list the client’s requirements when she introduces the job to the nanny including any travel requirements.

The Nanny will eat with the children which she will shop for, prepare and cook which the family will provide.

Please call +44 (0) 20 7795 6255 or email: [email protected] 

Shall we choose a Live In Nanny or a Live Out Nanny?

The choice depends entirely on personal preference, your lifestyle and your household.

Having to provide a Live in Nanny with accommodation and having the space to do so often dictates the decision.

Some clients can be unsure when starting their search with Imperial so we can look at both Live In and Live Out and see which way the client sways.

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