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Nanny Duties

Imperial Nannies do more

As an Imperial Nanny, you will be expected to …

Some of the nanny duties an Imperial Nanny will comfortable do:

Supervise and care for your charges at all times

Look after your charges’ needs, welfare, holistic development and health & safety

Provide basic first-aid, as required

Safeguard at all times

When at home you will:

  • Keep the children active by devising creative and educational play
  • Teach independence such as dressing oneself, tidying toys, tying laces, telling the time, etc.
  • Encourage development in skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, drawing and singing/music
  • Socialise the children by arranging playdates and social activities
  • Organise the childrens’ birthday parties including sending invitations, booking party venue, baking/ordering the cake
  • Help design cards and create homemade gifts for family birthdays
  • Reinforce good manners/etiquette
  • Plan interesting activities and games outside the home…
  • Organise safe and fun outdoor activities and games such as football, tennis, swimming
  • Arrange age-appropriate museum and theatre trips
  • When it comes to food…
  • Meal plan and prepare nutritious meals taking into account likes/dislikes, allergies and the family’s cultural diet/any cultural restrictions
  • Order the childrens’ food online or go food shopping
  • Plan and shop for age-appropriate baking activities

And for school…

  • Take the children to and from nursery/school
  • Order school uniform ensuring the children are fully kitted out and in the right size! Sew/iron-on name tags!
  • Ensure children are ready for the next day with uniform/clothing laid out
  • Have school bags ready with homework and any completed forms and any sports kit by the door
  • Supervise homework to include reading and spelling tests
  • Keep abreast of all school emails and notifications
  • Build a trusting relationship with the parents by communicating and observing confidentiality…
  • Follow the current timetable or, with the parents’ permission, develop a practical timetable for all the daily activities
  • Use a nanny diary to record the childrens’ daily lives including sending photos to parents if requested
  • Keep parents informed of their childrens’ developments and milestones
  • Babysit according to the parents’ requirements and as agreed
  • Recommend age appropriate educational toys and games to parents
  • Work alongside the parents and their wishes regarding the subject of childrens’ discipline and household rules
  • Not post anything online about the family or load any images of the children on any social media platform

nanny unloading the washing machine

Oh and the chores…

  • Take responsibility for the children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom and play areas
  • Launder the children’s clothing, bed, bath and table linen
  • Put dry laundry away neatly and in good order
  • Tidy up after yourself and the children in the kitchen

And let’s not forget the practicalities…

Nanny shopping with children

  • Keep the children’s clothing neat in their wardrobe/chest of drawers and maintain good repair
  • Ensure sports kits are always ready and clean including muddy footwear
  • Order and label any weekend clothing and footwear or take the children clothes/shoe shopping
  • In case of any loss or outgrowing of clothing, order/buy further pieces
  • Shop and pack for any residential school trips labelling non uniform items
  • Order or buy the children’s toiletries
  • Book and take the children to dentist/doctor/hairdressing appointments
  • And if you can squeeze more into your day, you may be asked to run errands…
  • Collect and drop off parcels/mail to/from the post office
  • Drop off and collect the dry cleaning
  • Fill car with fuel as required to ensure tank is full for the weekend
  • Pick up items to supplement the weekly shop as required when items run out
  • Coordinate tradespeople (by pre-arranging appointments, providing access and being present as necessary during works)
  • We would agree that’s an exhaustive list, however, every position does depend on the family’s needs and set up
  • We do state however that an Imperial Nanny doesn’t do the housework, the family laundry or the family cooking

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