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Hire a Nanny PA

Combining Childcare With PA Duties

Hire a Nanny PA

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Parents Hire a Nanny PA for school-age children, as it is a super option for their family. By combining the responsibilities, parents benefit from having childcare and other tasks covered.

An Imperial Nanny/PA is career minded, experienced and professional Nanny, that will have been vetted to our Imperial Nannies standards, for your piece of mind.

We have been placing Nanny PA’s since 1996 in London, the UK and Internationally.

What is a Nanny PA?

Combining her role as a nanny with that of a Nanny/PA (Personal Assistant) will greatly assist the parents. She will run errands, deal with administrative tasks and generally manage household issues.

Typical Duties for a Nanny/PA

  • Buying household groceries and requisites
  • Arranging household repairs
  • Taking items to the dry cleaners/post office/alterations person
  • Booking the household cars to be serviced
  • Renewing car and household insurance
  • Booking family holidays
  • Booking flights and travel for the parents’ business/personal trips
  • Taking the pets to the vet

It should be noted that in the event that one of the children is poorly and absent from school, or the school hold an INSET DAY, the Nanny/PA’s priority will be the care of the child first and foremost. 

The admin and errands will naturally take second place for the duration of the child’s school absence. 

This also applies during the school holidays when the nanny will be caring for the children full-time or travelling with the family. 

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