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When you register with Imperial, you will gain access to only the very best career Nannies and Governesses seeking their next longterm role.   We have many more registered, either available for you now, or will work around your anticipated start date. 

Every family is unique and we would be delighted to speak with you confidentially to discuss your requirements on  +44 (0) 20 7795 6220.  If you would like to register a vacancy please contact us today.

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Passionate Live out Nanny seeking her next position in central London. Native Polish, fluent English speaking Nanny she has gained extensive newborn, toddler and multiples experience.
Supportive Qualified Norland Nanny seeking her next Rota job in the UK. She is an organised Norlander, who prides herself in her creativity which she enjoys incorporating into her charges play so their development is stimulated.
Compassionate and fun loving Live out Nanny seeking a new Nanny role in London.
Committed live out Nanny seeking her next full time long term role in and around Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
Reliable and proactive Live out/Rota Qualified Norland Nanny seeking her next job opportunity offering longevity local to Clapham.
Patient and professional Live out or Live in Qualified Norland Nanny seeking her next job opportunity offering longevity in London.
Educationally focused British Nanny seeking her next long-term position local to Notting Hill.
British Nanny seeking her next long-term position local to Acton, central London. Having worked in childcare for her entire adult career, She has established herself as a warm, nurturing and fun Nanny.
Self motivated British Nanny with over 15 years of private household experience seeking her next job opportunity in London. Additionally, she has excellent knowledge on early years milestones and how to support them.
Qualified Norland Trained Nanny seeking her next exciting role in UK. This reliable Norlander has a patient, loving, as well as a firm but fair approach to provide her charges with a calm and nurturing environment for their development.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We require a minimum of 3 years’ experience working in a private household for UK based roles and, for overseas roles, 5 years’ experience.

We don’t charge candidates any application fee.

Whilst we don’t offer CV writing services, we can certainly assist you with laying out your CV clearly in preparation for finding that perfect position.

This varies from client to client, however, your consultant will confirm at the time of offering you an interview whether the client will pay/contribute towards these expenses.

Whilst your childcare experience is invaluable, we require a minimum of 3 + years’ experience working as a nanny within a private household. This ensures that our candidates are fully prepared and given the best chance to succeed in their placements.

We are an authorised body who can assist you with your DBS and the turnaround is pretty swift.

As you will be working with children, you will be required to apply for the Enhanced DBS, which also includes the Barred Listing. We can assist all our applicants with this process

We are affiliated to a fast-track agency who charge £55 to recieve an enhanced DBS.

Due to current GDPR legislation, we are not able to hold data for more than two years if we have not engaged in meaningful contact with you. Therefore, if it has been a while since you were last placed in a position, or in contact with us, you will have to update your documents and information. This also ensures we are fully up to date with your most recent skills and work history to achieve the best placement reflective of your most recent experience!

Imperial is an introduction agency only and all candidates placed in positions are paid directly by the client.

This will be at the employer’s sole discretion. Some employers will contribute but you should budget to move at your own expense in case moving costs aren’t offered.

Most Nannies and Governesses will prepare meals and eat with their charges except on their day(s) off.  When off duty, you can either eat when you are out and about or at the family home.

You can be rest assured that all clients who recruit through Imperial will provide written terms of employment set out in the form of a contract. Your consultant will assist you in every step of the way and will ensure your salary, hours of work, days off and holiday entitlements are laid out clearly for both parties to agree.

All applicants must hold a Paediatric First Aid certificate after having completed a 2 day course. This fully incorporates all the necessary modules and is valid for 3 years after which time you will need to repeat the 2 day course.

Rest assured, any visas to be applied for will be organised and paid for by the Client.

Some overseas positions do require that you undergo a medical examination for visa or medical insurance purposes only. Your consultant will advise you at the time of discussing the position with you, however, these generally apply to visas required for positions in the Middle East.

All roles entail a 12-week probation period to allow for a smooth settling in.

All travel is paid for during your working day and your consultant will advised you according to the specific position.

This varies from client to client and country to country and your consultant will set out your entitlement at the time she discusses the position with you.

The client is responsible for providing a flight  at the start and at the end of your employment.  With our overseas placements, one or two return flights to the UK/country of residence are usually included. However, this is at the discretion of the client.

This will be at the discretion of the client and should be agreed upon at the start of employment. If the position is in Switzerland and you were based in the UK but wished to fly to France, that is a reasonable request. Flying from Switzerland to Australia or the USA is not!! However, if employment went well and the client is feeling generous, you never know what you may be offered!

In a word: Yes!  The positions you will see on our website are current and available as are all the candidates we advertise.

We always keep our candidates up-to-date and any feedback from clients will always be relayed back to you. We never keep our candidates hanging on or waiting for an answer. We keep in communication with all candidates and have a strong working relationship based on mutual respect.