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Since our inception in 1996, we at Imperial Nannies,  have been placing the Norland Nanny with clients in affluent London areas and grand country houses in the home counties and shires. Now due to the global exposure, we have seen an increased demand, and consequently, more and more families wish to hire their very own Norland Nanny.

For those who are not familiar with the College, the highly esteemed Norland College produces the much-coveted Norland Nanny who is highly sought after by families across the globe.

Propelled to the international stage by the then Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who employed and continues to employ Maria Borrallo, the Norland Nanny was portrayed across the international media igniting curiosity and demand from all directions of the globe.

What is a Norland Nanny?

A Norland Nanny is a true professional who has trained and graduated at the Norland College. Qualified to care for age groups from birth to eight years old, the curriculum covers a multitude of modules to include Child Development, Communication, Nutrition, Child Psychology, Neuroscience, Child Health, Philosophy, Child Protection, Safeguarding, the Social Sciences, and Education. Norlanders will also be versed in the appropriate sports, arts and crafts, manners, language and how to motivate their charges for co-operation.

The Norland Salary

The Norland Nanny salary varies. Once they have passed their Probationary Year, they can earn from £31,000 to £44,000 gross in the UK. When working overseas they can earn £51,000+ gross per annum.

Who has a Norland Nanny

Since the heightened publicity, more and more clients are enquiring about the availability of employing a norland Nanny. Years ago, 30 students would graduate, however, as many as 100 students graduate which still makes them in short supply.

Rest assured, Imperial Nannies’ hard work since 1996 has paid off. By offering an exemplary service to our much-treasured Norlanders, we have created a worldwide reach. Thus we are able to ensure our Imperial Clients experience is seamless and efficient.

The History of a Norland Nanny

In the 19th Century, the upper and middle classes’ children were confined to the nursery, seeing their parents for a maximum of an hour a day if that. Thus, they were cared for solely by untrained nursery maids and nursery nurses. In 1892 Emily Ward, a London school teacher, recognised the demand for elevating and establishing a superior level of care to nurture and psychologically develop the children of the upper classes and thus the Norland Institute located in Norland Square, Notting Hill, came into existence.

Once qualified, the status of the nursery nurse was elevated to that of a professional who would solely concentrate on being an educational mentor and moral guide to her charges. Not surprisingly, this unique and prestigious qualification set her apart from the untrained nursery maids and gave her a professional standing within the 19th Century household.

Norland Nanny Uniform

All students are required to wear their formal uniform throughout their Diploma including traveling to and from the college and at formal college functions. The uniform is supplied by the College and the students are expected to wear their Norland uniform with pride and be aware that while wearing it they represent the College and its high standards at all times.

The Summer formal uniform for female students:

  • The fawn dress
  • An optional cardigan (not to be worn when looking after babies)
  • The jacket – of either style
  • The trench coat
  • The hat and white gloves are to be worn at all times when outside
  • Brown gloves (on colder summer days) but only to be worn with the trench coat
    15 denier tights
The Winter Uniform:
  • The fawn dress
  • Brown tights
  • The jacket – of either style
  • The trench coat to be buttoned at all times
  • The hat
  • Brown gloves (if cold) but only to be worn with the trench coat
The College also has a practical uniform which is worn for placements and also classes pertaining to cooking, sewing and self-defence.  
  • Light blue polo shirt
  • Dark blue trousers
  • Navy jumper
  • Socks to be dark and plain
  • Practical jacket (only to be worn with the above)
The college goes to great lengths to state the expected colour of underwear, how to arrange their hair, acceptable jewellery including watches, minimal make-up, hair and fingernails.  
Further, the College clearly states that any visible face or neck tattoos and piercings (other than one per ear lobe), are unacceptable.

The college sets out that the shoes or ankle boots should be plain and either tan or dark tan and flat or very low heeled. Bags must be brown and very plain. Blazer and coats are to be worn when outside the campus and always buttoned up!

The college go to great lengths to state the expected colour of underwear, how to arrange their hair, acceptable jewellery including watches, minimal make-up, hair and fingernails.

Further, the College clearly state that any visible face or neck tattoos and piercings (other than one per ear lobe), are unacceptable.

The uniform for Male:

  • Norland Nannies
  • A white buttoned up shirt
  • Brown tie
  • Camel trousers
  • Tweed single breasted jacket
  • Dark socks
  • Brown brogues


Forever keeping up with social changes, in 1921 a gender-neutral uniform was introduced.

Norland Nanny Training

Training throughout the Diploma is full-time. The college day will consist of classes and lectures from 9am to 4.30pm. One day a week will be allocated to individual study while four days of the week will be dedicated to formal learning.

The Norland College initially offered the 2 year NNEB Diploma (National Nursery Education Board) which became CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) in 1994. In 2008, Norland College replaced this course with the 3 year Early Childhood Years BA (Hons) Degree. Subsequently this was replaced with the BA(Hons) Early Years Development and Learning Degree in 2013 and this remains the sole Degree course offered by the College.

To qualify for the Norland Diploma, the student must complete a one year Probationary Placement. This takes place in either a family setting or in a nursery and, upon successful completion, they are awarded the Norland Diploma and Badge.

Whether they have graduated with the 2 year or 3 year Diploma, all students will possess exceptional childcare knowledge and skills thus giving the family unbound confidence in their ability to care for their children.

Where is the Norland College?

Originally in London, the College has had various locations due to its expansion and ever-changing needs. Founded at Norland Place, W11, the College counts Ladbroke Grove and Pembridge Square as its HQ, before moving to Berkshire and subsequently Kent. In 1967, it relocated to a grander setting, Denford Park, Hungerford in Berkshire where it remained for 35 years.

In 2003 it was decided that its private grounds of 130 acres and its huge 60,000 sq ft premises were no longer fitting for the College and that a City location would be better suited to the future plans. Hungerford locals were, not surprisingly, dismayed as they benefited from the College students providing childcare and babysitting as part of their training and education which would subsequently cease.

Now the local Bath residents are fortunate to benefit from having students placed with them during their training and also at the point they are ready to commence their Probationary Year.

The Benefits

Typically, the Norland Nanny these are a much coveted

We always have Norland Nurses to offer our clients. They prefer to work Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 7 pm (although flexible).

The Imperial Nannies Agency Bath office is conveniently located for Norland Graduates and Norland Graduates-to-be to join us for Afternoon Tea and discuss their careers with our much approachable consultants.

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