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Live in Nannies: Being Self-employed

We are often asked this question by our UK clients and, while we are not qualified to answer any Tax and National Insurance queries, we can of course relay the advice that we have previously been given by our recommended payroll provider, Nanny Tax.

Generally, engaging a nanny to care for your children in your home is a specialist role and nannies

Whether your nanny is living in and working on a full-time time basis or on a part-time basis, these are the points to consider in order to ascertain his/her employment status.

Your nanny is employed if:

Self-employment status may be considered if:

It should be noted that a nanny working for a family who is ‘employed’ will automatically assume employment rights which include holiday pay, sick pay and maternity leave.

If a nanny has a number of families who ask her/him to work irregular hours and has registered for self-employment status, they may then be suitable to work for you on a self-employed basis.
It’s always best to confirm with HMRC by completing a Form called the HMRC Employment Status Indicator. This will ensure that if the HMRC confirm your nanny’s self-employment status that you will be confident you are paying them correctly.

If you don’t check their status with HMRC, further down the line, you could be caught out as, if you are challenged by the HMRC and they declare that the nanny was employed by you, you will be liable for backdated Tax and National Insurance as the onus is always on the employer. Not only will you have to pay contributions, you could also be fined incurring further charges.


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