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What is the cost to employ a Nanny in London?

Good question!

Here we will set out all the considerations to take into account to get you to that figure when assessing the costs and, as the employer, committing to them with confidence.

In this post we will address the current costs and answer a few questions about nanny pay.

It’s important to advise all perspective nanny employers that the experienced, career nanny knows their market value and the market rates of pay and conditions.  We always advise our clients from the very start when we list their requirements and expectations exactly what the calibre of nanny they seek will be looking for so we start off on the right foot. We won’t ‘sugar coat’ or gloss over any information with either party as we are transparent from the get-go.

How much does a live in nanny charge per week in London?

A nanny’s weekly rates of pay vary from nanny to nanny depending on their age, qualifications and certificates, and the number of years’ nanny experience they have under their belt. Rates of pay can range from £650+ per week net based on a 40 – 60 hour per week and all rates quoted are net meaning after all deductions.

What do ‘deductions’ stand for?

When employing a nanny their salary must be declared to HMRC so that Tax and National Insurance is paid along with pension contributions for NEST.  This can be delegated to a payroll service who will manage this efficiently for you. We recommend Nanny Tax to our clients and candidates alike.

Is there a minimum number of hours a nanny expects to work and is there a maximum?

Nannies who work on a live in basis will work a minimum of 40 hours per week and a maximum of 60 hours per week based on a 10 to 12 hour day.  Live in nannies can also work on a rota basis.  This could entail 24/7 one or two weeks on and then off, or working 24/5 or 24/7 rota.  Again, it’s the employer who sets out their requirements and, as experts in our field, we will advise the costs specific to clients’ required duties and hours. As rota positions require a longer working week, the rates of pay will reflect such a schedule.

How does employing a nanny compare to the cost of a nursery?

While day care will work out to be cheaper than employing a live in nanny, it has its limitations. The beauty of employing a live in nanny is that your children are cared for in the home environment and the one-to-one care is consistent. Not only that, you can set out the hours you require according to your routine and career demands.  Nurseries will have a non-flexible closing time whereas your live in nanny will know from the outset that your working day could overrun due to lengthy meetings and transport delays.

Further more, some nurseries have a high turnover of staff or staffing issues which will impact your child. And let’s not forget that any child going into daycare will be exposed to upteen viruses and infections which you may or may not be happy with which will mean some days your child won’t be able to attend daycare due to being poorly and infectious. Another advantage is that s live in nanny will also babysit two-three times per week which is a boon to parents.

What accommodation does a live in nanny expect?

This varies according to the number of years’ experience a nanny has, ie the younger nannies will be more flexible whereas the older, more experienced nannies would prefer more private accommodation, however, this also does depend on the family and the space their home can offer. The nanny will be given their own bedroom and either will have their own en-suite shower or bathroom or a separate bathroom allocated to them on the same floor or not, depending on the size of the household.  At a push, they could share bathroom facilities with the children.  The most desirable set up is separate basement accommodation where they have their own entrance which during their free time means they won’t disturb the family when they are entering and leaving the property.  Also, nanny accommodation in the attic is quite popular so that the family has privacy and the nanny has breathing space.

Will the nanny pay any utility bills?

Live in nannies are not expected to make any contributions towards any household costs and are living in as part of the nature of the role. Therefore, when taking into consideration the costs of employing a live in nanny, the employer will be providing food, heating, lighting and hot water.

Is there anything else?

If the nanny is required to drive, either they are given a ‘nanny car’ to use or they could have access to the family car. There will be the cost of adding them to the car insurance and petrol costs which she will not be expected to pay as this is the for the purpose of carrying out her duties, ie for the school runs, driving your children to and from their activities, and running errands. Conversely, if she has her own car and is willing to use it for the purposes of her duties, there would be an agreed Mileage Allowance Rate to cover petrol and wear and tear to the car.

Do nannies outside London earn less than their London counterparts?

In a word yes and as a general weekly rate of pay, we would quote £550+ per week net as a comfortable estimate to quote.

Now that you are fully up to speed with the cost of employing a live in Nanny, do call us now on +44 (0)20 7795 6220 to speak to one of the team who will take good care of you from start to finish.

As an established agency founded in 1996, we are brimming with knowledge and have years of experience. We would be delighted to advise you first hand on how to bag your very own experienced committed nanny that’s the right fit for your family.

Last piece of advice, the sooner we are notified of your requirements, the sooner we can advise on when to start the process. Do bear in mind that some candidates will only give notice to their current role once they have a firm job offer whereas others maybe already working their notice period.

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