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A typical day in the life of an Imperial Nanny

Meet Tamsin our Imperial Nanny, who has kindly described her day in the life as a daily Imperial Nanny…

I registered with Imperial Nannies at the beginning of August 2023 to find a daily nanny job starting as soon as possible. After I passed the agency interviews and they accepted me, I was interviewed by 3 lovely families. I was offered all three jobs but decided to accept the offer with the Sloane Square family. Both parents work full time in the City which means I have sole charge of 2 girls, Clara 5, and Amelia 26 mths. As I am in a flat share in Earls Court, it takes me about 15 minutes to cycle from home to work which is perfect 5 days per week.

A typical day is as follows:

6.10am My alarm goes off and I get up, shower, get dressed and am out of the door at 6.35am.

6.55am I arrive at the family home and let myself in. I can hear the parents in the kitchen with both children before they are about to leave for their respective offices. I go straight to the kitchen to show that I’ve arrived before washing my hands to start the breakfast preparation for the children and myself. Both parents leave and I set about making toast and scrambled eggs for all of us with milk or freshly squeezed juice to drink.

After breakfast, we head upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed. With 20 minutes to go before we have to leave and, as it’s Thursday which means there is a spelling test, I test Clara on her 10 words so they are fresh in her mind for when she is tested first thing at school. We also read a quick story before heading off to school. The housekeeper starts at 8am so I don’t have to set the alarm when I leave.

We walk to school which takes 15 minutes with Amelia in the buggy and Clara on her scooter next to me. She looks so sweet in her full uniform and boater hat! I drop her off
at the school entrance where she is met by her class teacher and she skips happily in. I leave her labelled scooter at school, so it’s ready for her for the end of day pick up.

With Amelia in the buggy, I walk to meet a nanny friend whose little girl is 2 and we head back to the house to collect the car so we can all go together to the local Church for a ballet class for 2 to 3 year olds. We reach the class, get them changed and watch both girls as they are taught very basic moves to a gentle piano accompaniment. When that’s finished, we drive to Hyde Park to walk – Amelia is in the buggy but comes out to walk for part of the way – we see the ducks which is always fun. After which we all drive back to Sloane Square where my nanny friend and her toddler go home and I take Amelia home for lunch. I make Macaroni Cheese for lunch for both of us, after which Amelia has a 90 minute afternoon sleep. I spend half an hour tidying the kitchen and placing an Ocado order for the family (which is agreed with the mother) when Amelia is in bed before taking an hour’s lunch break.

At 2pm I wake her up and change her nappy. We go into the garden where it’s sunny and on the trampoline which has protective netting we sit and read 3 stories. Today Amelia chose Dear Zoo, Fox Has Lost His Socks and The Tiger Who Came Tea. We play on the swing and slide before going to collect Clara.

We walk to school and wait with other nannies and mothers for the children to come out. I meet another nanny friend who collects her 5 yr old called Charlotte, who is in the same class as Clara and both girls scooter back next to us with me pushing Amelia in the buggy.

With Amelia, Clara and Charlotte, and Charlotte’s nanny Georgia, we go home and prepare an after school snack which comprises cheese and crackers with pineapple which all the girls enjoy.

We then make shortbread biscuits where the girls press animal shapes into the dough. While that’s in the oven and the 20 minute timer set, we take the girls into the garden to play on the slide and trampoline for 15 minutes. I come in after 15 minutes leaving Georgia in the garden looking after the girls. I take out the biscuits to cool and then get the supper on for the 3 girls.

I always menu plan in advance and order from Ocado on Thursday to arrive on a Friday so the fridge is stocked for the family at the weekend. For supper I cooked grilled salmon with mushroom risotto and for pudding, I cut up some banana to have with vanilla ice cream and the shortbread animal biscuits.

After supper, I wash up and tidy the kitchen with Georgia while the girls sit on the sofa in the snug area of the kitchen watching their favourite program. Then Georgia and Charlotte leave and I take the girls up for their bath time. Clara has her 15 minute reading task which we complete before I read to both girls.

At 6.50pm the girls have had their bath and teeth brushed, their clothes are ready for the morning. Their parents are back after a day at the office and the girls are excited to see them. I have a quick update to give them before I hand over and leave at 7pm.

I’ve had an enjoyable and productive day with the girls and I cycle home to get ready to meet friends for supper in South Kensington.


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