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Nanny Agency Islington N1

We place experienced and professional Nannies in Islington N1, this north London area popular with parents whose careers are City of London based. A mixture of Regency and Georgian architecture, this area is popular with our Nannies. And let’s face it, where there is an Everyman Cinema, you know you’re in a super location!

Once Imperial place one of their Nannies with their new family, they will research current and age appropriate activities for your children to enjoy locally before proposing sensible suggestions to fit in with their already established routines.

Do look at our list to the right of this page which includes activities and areas of interest for your Nanny to explore. By engaging in local activities, your children will reduce their carbon footprint while creating more time to have fun! Also listed are local specialist retailers of note enabling you to support your local businesses.

Why Imperial Nannies?

The No 1 priority for all concerned is that the family and the nanny share the same core values and work together to achieve the same end goal – the happiness, safety, harmony and structure that all children need and thrive on.

Since 1996, our unrivalled reputation has made us the go-to Agency for both clients and nannies alike.  Most of our applications from both clients and nannies come through personal recommendation.  From the very beginning, our ethos was to select only experienced and professional nannies and this continues to this day. 

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Nanny Jobs in Islington N1

Are you a Nanny or Governess looking to work in Islington, London?
Apply to be an Imperial candidate and you will have access to amazing career opportunities in Islington and beyond.

Imperial Clients comply with all the legal requirements and are committed to forging a strong working relationship with their employee. 

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